Homeschool 2012 In Pictures – Day 2

Progress huh? Are you impressed? If you are, don’t be. Because I decided that this year I absolutely had to have this shelf for school I now have 3 rooms in chaos. The shelf was in the living room so all the books had to be pulled from it & stacked on the floor. Since my rather large man-child, Colton was my moving buddy that meant the books were more flung around than stacked. The boy is a bit like his mother. Because I feel the need to own every book in the universe apparently, I had incorporate the books from the living room into the 2 shelves in the bedroom. Yes, that’s right – 2 more shelves of books. I’m certain if I ever come up missing CSI would determine I was involved in some sort of dare or contest of collecting books. Lets just hope I don’t come up missing before my work is done. I don’t want CSI traipsing through my house thinking I’m a slob. Is is bad that the opinions of CSI agents is more frightening to me than the thought of being missing? Lets don’t go there. My head is the place that even those guys on Criminal Minds want into.


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