Homeschool 2012 In Pictures – Day 3

Have you wondered where I’ve been? No. Well, why not? You did hear about all the books. I could have been buried beneath them in bookshelf coffin. It’s weird that I’m now thinking I might like to be buried in bookshelf coffin?

I have made a little progress. I like putting the things on the wall because it keeps me from looking down at the mess at feet. I must admit though, I’ve spent far too much time putting things in one container only to transfer them to another. Sometimes I move from one container, to another and another before going right back to the first one. To help me cope with the frustration of that useless activity I made it into a drinking game. Each time I changed containers I took a shot of whiskey. No, that’s not true. Carrie Underwood describes me perfect. I need a “fruity little drink cause (I) can’t shoot whiskey”.

I think it’s this whole rambling thing I’ve got going on that keeps me container hopping. I’ve got to focus. Hey, I’ve got a book for that! If I’m not back for day 4 you’ll know my wish for a bookshelf coffin has been granted.Image


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