Homeschool 2012 in pictures – day 4

I am very proud of this




I am not very proud of this.




I’m teaching one little special needs boy do I need all this? I’m aware that the answer is likely no but before I finished typing the question my head was already rejecting the notion of trashing any of it. Weird, I know. What’s worse is this is the small container. I have a much bigger container. Oh, wait here’s something you probably need to know. These are mostly word cards and DJ can’t speak. Yep, that’s right. I have thousands of word cards for a child that can’t say any of them. If he could speak, would I have more or less of these cards?  Hmmm. Not sure. I can be hard to predict.

What I do know is that I have multiple copies of many of the cards. That is proof of my significant disability of being chronically and sometimes even willfully unorganized. If I’m looking for something and don’t find it in the entire 13 seconds I have dedicated to hunting it, I just make another one. Sometimes that may happen more than once. But don’t tell my husband. He thinks I kicked that habit years ago. Pffft, He really should know better. Thinking about it now, I might actually judge him a little for not knowing. Anyway…..

What do I do with all these cards? Well, right now I’m wondering if I lay them out on my lawn if they could be read from the air. And if they can, what kind of crazy message could I send that would totally freak-out the military helicopters flying over? Now, before you go judging me I’m not under military surveillance. I live close to a base that repairs helicopters. 

When I’m not contemplating a military incident with the cards DJ uses them to answer questions. For a long time it was his only means of expressing himself. Though he tried to confuse me I knew what he really meant when he picked up the picture of the happy boy and flung it at me. That was a literal case of actions speaking louder than words. For a non-verbal child he sure can awfully loud. Kinda like his mother. (sigh)

Oh, well as much fun as it’s been sharing my rambling musings about nothing I really should get back to work. I’ve got a long night of card sorting ahead of me and it makes me



2 thoughts on “Homeschool 2012 in pictures – day 4

  1. Hey Joan…did you get my email about winning my drawing? If not, let me know where I can contact you so I can mail you the gift card!

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