Brondes Have More Fun

I have this misguided notion that I can do things without the education that others invested in, simply because I am determined. I know, right? Been that way all my life. On the upside, my many missteps along the way add a bit of flavor to my life. And believe me, I could major in mistakes.  Hey, look at that.  I am educated!  Anyway……

I am obsessed with hair color. I change mine, A LOT! And by a lot, I mean that my mother-in-law once got pictures developed and in a single package, I had three different hair colors. THREE! Who does that?

I colored my hair just hours before my very first date with my husband. My BFF, Neen, had worked hard at setting me up with him so she did not appreciate finding me with purple hair less than an hour before the date. In my defense, I think I should mention that Neen has no sense of adventure. Okay, she has a little sense of adventure – controlled adventure. Me? I am all out there. Which is why at the end of her very serious reprimand I replied “Oh, whatever. There is no sense in trying to dress all  this up. This man needs to know what he’s getting into cause lets face it, I got crazy you just can’t hide.”

My latest obsession is bronde hair. For those who don’t know, bronde is hair that is really neither blonde or brown but somewhere in between. I am a color-my-hair-at-home kinda girl with equal parts bravado and insanity so I trolled the web searching for ways to do it. When I discovered all the websites that advised not to do it at home that only spurred me on. Besides, it is only hair. It will grow out. I did mentioned the insanity part of my nature, right?

Obviously, I was not going to be able to capture the full beauty of these bronde ladies with a box color from Wal-Mart.



17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Arrivals


A trip to my local Sally Beauty Store was required. My hair has natural red tones that are highly insulted when I try to color them. They rise up and turn my hair all sorts of unnatural colors- hence the purple hair. When you buy box hair color, you are given the hair color and the developing cream, which you must combine. When you go to a beauty supplier, you have to remember to buy both color and developer. I opted for Ion Intense Light Neutral Brown to mix with the standard level 20 developer. Because Sally’s is a beauty store that caters to the professionals, you have to buy the color and developer. This picture shows the Ion color box and the economy size developer. You can buy a bottle of 20 developer that is measured precisely for a single use. But we all know I can make good use of the mega size.

2013-07-05 16.14.00-1

The result was a beautiful rich color that made me consider whether I should stop there. Then my Asperger kid, who has no clue what tact is, says, “So, did you mean to color your hair black?” So, then I thought perhaps I should carry on. On to the highlighting stage.

Knowing, it is never a good idea to try to make someone else’s hair appear on my head; I studied multiple pictures of bronde hair and selected the things I liked from each. Placing highlights can be tricky business, which is why I use highlighting systems that come with a cap that designates where highlights should be placed. Now, I was going to have to choose between being bronde or the safety of the cap. It took nearly a second for me to decide. Bronde hair here I come!

Bronde hair has two levels of lightening so I purchased two packets of lightening powder and two small developers in levels 10 and 30. Before mixing anything, I used my pictures as a guide and determined where I wanted the highlights placed. I used small, colored non-tangling hair bands to section my hair. I used green ones to indicate the placement of the level 10 highlights and orange ones for level 30. That made it possible for me to compare the pictures I liked to where the highlights would actually be on my head.

I know the pictures I am using are not the best but …well; I do not have an excuse. I just did not want to take the time to make sure I had perfect pictures. Do not judge me. I am VERY busy. You have no idea the amount of time and energy it takes to maintain my insanity.

2013-07-05 16.14.00-5

As you can see, I once again went with the Ion brand. Normally I would have used all the developers in the same brand but my local Sally Beauty Supply did not have all I needed so I had to mix and match.

I placed the lower level highlights, the powder mixed with 10 developer, first because the higher developer (30) would not need as much time to reach the desired result. However, I love very light blonde hair with significantly darker ends that was not my goal. I wanted darker roots that gradually faded into a lighter color but with an obvious color difference between roots and tips. The result was a bit darker than my goal but I was still pleased with it. And apparently, my results were subtle enough that it has been 2 weeks and my father-in-law has yet to notice. Oh, I know what you are thinking. He is a man, he will not notice. Uh, wrong. The man is geriatric and still notice more hair changes than any self-respecting gay man is. Anyway…….

I started with this hair color

2013-06-30 16.32.35








And ended with this one.

2013-07-15 17.32.39

I may not have the overwhelming beauty of the stars whose pictures I included but i can certainly tell you without a doubt that brondes really do have more fun.