Disabled Before God

P3 - Parenting To The 3rd Power

imagesThere are laws forcing public places to be handicap accessible. But what does that really mean? It’s one thing to put in a ramp but entirely different to actually love the disabled.

Few people stop and consider the mentality of a disabled person. Many can’t stop looking at the requirements of the outside in order to discover the inward human being. They have not an inkling as to what it feels like to always be relegated to a back or side door. They don’t know the weight of feeling like a burden because a business or organization is forced to make things accessible. Unless you’re life is deeply immersed in the disabled, the mindset is that as long as there’s a ramp all is good. They cannot comprehend the fear and anxiety of knowing you are in a place wholly dependent upon the mercy of another because you can’t get…

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