Update on Campbell Bedbugs

bedbug signYesterday, Campbell Jr. High principal, Dustin Howard, made an intercom announcement that he was dispelling “rumors” about bedbugs and that there were none. It was extremely disappointing to say the least. It was a typical Elaine Farris move. She and David Bolen (GRC principal) did the exact same thing when the GRC mold issue was brought to light. It is exactly the type of behavior that this community has been adamant eradicating.

As far as I’m concerned, an announcement to “dispel rumors” is nothing more than an attempt to pacify the community, discredit me and demonstrate to staff that their opinions do not matter. My philosophy is that an active campaign to shut people up rather than actually address and consider their concerns, only accentuates that there is indeed a problem. Likely, more troublesome than we know.

Last night Paul Christy informed me of many things. Primarily, that I was wrong and posting “inaccurate statements on Facebook” and my blog. I’m not even going to address that ridiculous accusation because I feel my reputation speaks for itself. If it didn’t people would not go to significant lengths to contact me and plead for my intervention.

Regardless of the matter, Christy stated he contracted with Elite Pest Control who inspected 16 classrooms at Campbell. Of those 16 classrooms “the findings show no bedbugs, no shells, no bedbug skins and no bedbug feces”. He also assures me that once the written report is available to him he will make it available to the community. So, to those of you who submitted your concerns to me, were your classrooms inspected? Do you have documented proof of bedbugs?

Christy is firm in his belief that staff and/or students are blowing incidents out of proportion and that my blogging about the situation is “creating hysteria”.  I am of the opinion that if the board of education actually had a policy regarding bedbugs (like most counties) addressed the issue rather than search for the whistle-blowers there would be no “hysteria” to create.

Bottom line? A professional was hired to inspect the building, which was needed. School administrators are now responding to students, staff and parents voicing concern. Pictures of bite marks and the actual bedbugs go a long way. So, if you disagree with the clean bill of health of the school and the stance of Superintendent Christy that you are all over-reacting, then you need to snap a little picture of the critters as they crawl about thirsting for food.

Yet, as we all move forward from this event is it vitally important that we remember bedbugs is a COMMUNITY concern. Be vigilant. Be aggressive.  And above all be proactive and never afraid to take a stand.


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