I Am Not Joan Graves

Have you ever Googled yourself? You, know, just typed your name in the Google search engine to see what pops up. As a writer, I’m hoping some rave review about my writing or a masterpiece I’ve written appears at the top of the page.

So, imagine my surprise when the first thing that pops up reads; “Meet the reason movies suck – Joan Graves.” I’m like, “Wait, WHAT?!” I don’t make movie suck…. do I? No, of course not. I’ve done a lot of things in my life but I’m pretty sure making movies suck is not one of them. Turns out the person responsible for rating movies is named Joan Graves. And apparently some people are not very fond of her.

I’ve spent the last few years doing everything possible to get my name to appear at the top in the Google search and get rid of the “reason movies suck” mantra. My first thought was to buy my domain name. Nope! Not happening. Some third party person has bought JoanGraves.com. And they are not even using it! Crazy people with my name. I think they bought it and are holding it hostage in hopes the other Joan Graves will pay them an obscene amount of money to get it. Well, to them I say, “Hello! It’s no working. You’ve had it for four years now. No one is going to buy it from you. Let my name go!”

Though older than me, the other Joan Graves appears to be in fine health so looks like I’m going to have to resign myself to being number two. Man, I hate that! I can’t stand being second. So, I’d like to point out that you can help me rise to number one by Googling me and hitting on MY name, not HERS. Yes, I’m that kinda girl and hopefully you are that bored.  So, to clarify, this is me.



This is not.




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