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School – AGAIN??!!

How did this happen?  How did summer end and school begin without my permission?  Granted I have more freedom because I homeschool.  But because I homeschool I’m also more frantic!  I need a homeschool 911.  You know someone I could call to write my lesson plans and figure out the schedule.  I’m willing to teach the kid if someone else will do the prep work.

The problem is DJ is special needs.  His skills are obscenely scattered.  I’m poor.  I can’t afford to buy homeschool curriculum in three different grade levels.  That means I write lessons to fit his needs.  Do I have time to write his lessons?  NO!  I’m trying to write a book so that next year we actually can afford three different homeschool curriculums.

Since I’m a homeschool hoarder (there’s a reality program for you) I have tons of worksheets that combine to make – NOTHING!  Will social services come and get me if I just throw random stuff at him?  If they do come I wonder if I could talk them into helping me sort through the random mess?  After all, that would be why they were called.  They should at least do something while they are here.

The one good point about this year is I am far more organized.  My kid may not learn anything but hey, the organization will at least make it appear as though he is learning.  I need help people!!!





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Joan Zone: Your student’s map to success

We’ve all had the days when we get up late, can’t find the car keys, spill coffee after slamming on the brakes for the car in front of us and wind up 15 minutes late to work stressed out. That’s every day for a kid with sensory issues. Add changing schools or classes to that and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

Source: Joan Zone: Your student’s map to success