Hendricks vs Mayfield – Choice is Easy

How sick are you of bickering politicians? Have you had enough of the nasty attacks launched by desperate, hanging-on-to-the-bottom-rung politicians? Ever hear those vicious radio or TV ads and say to yourself, “Don’t tell me how bad your opponent is. Tell me what YOU can do!”?

10646778_365019330329150_6708033455147814221_nWell, Kentucky State Representative Donna Mayfield’s re-election campaign ads have always put an emphasis on what she has done and will continue to do. She lets her record speak for her. She has faced many opponents but her honesty, integrity, and hard work have always ensured her success.

Representative Mayfield is currently facing off with John Hendricks in this election to represent Clark and Madison Counties as a Kentucky State Representative. Fully aware he lacks the ability to stand positively against Rep. Mayfield, Mr. Hendricks has launched an eleventh-hour vile, personal attack. Hendricks and his campaign consultant(s) sent out a mailing with such blatant lies against Rep. Mayfield that even someone with the very basic fact-checking skills could disprove.  Hendricks actually had the audacity to attack Rep. Mayfield’s faith.

Unfortunately, this is not a new tactic for this particular group of individuals. Clark Countians recall the election where this same tactic was used against Dr. Ralph Alvarado. Alvarado was running for Kentucky’s Senate when a spliced and intentionally misleading video began running on TV and online accusing Alvarado of running his medical practice as a pill-mill and frauding Medicare and Medicaid out of millions of dollars. Dr. Alvarado not only won that election but the defamation lawsuit he filed as well.

So, the question begs to be asked; why would these people repeat the same scandalous 14572831_10210940573456061_6444636208776001669_nbehavior? The answer is simple. They have no other choice. Mr. Hendricks lacks the ability to compete with Rep. Mayfield on even ground and he knows it. If the voters of Clark and Madison Counties look at the two equally, what they have done, and what they are capable of accomplishing in the future, the choice is clear: Donna Mayfield.

Knowing he is unable to compete with her work ethic and integrity, not to mention her tireless commitment and relationship with the constituents, he had no choice but to turn to negative fabrications. The only way to make himself look good and fit for the job was to make her look bad. With no truthful negativity about Rep. Mayfield, he had to use distortion and outright lies. That behavior only highlights how much he does not know about the people he wants to represent. Namely, that we are not as stupid as he thinks we are.

Hendricks is banking on people simply being gullible enough to believe some words he had printed on a flier and mailed out. He doesn’t find us capable enough to see through the mud let alone be fully aware of all Rep. Mayfield has done to improve our communities. Hendricks is laboring under the misconception that he can deceive and trick his way into the state representative position. His motto may as well be “keep the people stupid.”

14910387_10211047548130361_5409731838046637223_n-1The last thing Kentucky needs is more negativity in Frankfort. So, on November 8th go to the polls and send a clear-cut message to John Hendricks and others like him: We are not stupid, we prefer positivity over trash talk and we see all Rep. Mayfield has done for us. Each time we reject these vile, personal, shockingly libelous fabrications being touted as truth we shift ourselves in a more positive, life-affirming direction.


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