The Giant Heart of America is Awake & Roaring

The ridiculous behavior of people after the election is EXACTLY the reason Donald Trump won. The real Americans are sick to death of your endless belly-aching and temper tantrums when you don’t get your way. We’ve had enough of your entitlement attitude that everything in life should be free and handed to you without you lifting a finger to improve your country, your community or even yourself. Our ears have gone numb from hearing about your oh, so offense mechanism and victim mentality. You want to place blame on your precious Hillary not getting into office? Blame yourselves. Everything you are doing now only confirms that Trump was the right choice.

A good portion of the blame rests on celebrities who for reasons that baffle me, have reached the erroneous conclusion that they have the right to tell us how to vote. They stand before us like gods of knowledge who don’t know the first thing about the backbone of this country. They’re not upset because Trump won. They’re upset because they lost. Now, they must face the reality that they are not as powerful as they thought they were.

They were laboring under the misconception that if they threatened to leave the country that we would be so desperate to keep them we’d do exactly as they bid us to. Surprise! We truly do see you only for entertainment value. What’s not a surprise? Not one of them is leaving the country.

chelsea-handler-president-trump-reaction-netflix-300x200Chelsea Handler made a complete fool out of herself with her crybaby stunt about staying only in the country because we need “her voice.” Uh…. we didn’t listen to you before what makes you think we care now? A trained monkey could perform as well as you so, adios.

Then there’s Katy Perry who should be locked up for trying to incite a riot. She instructed her fans to “fight” and warned of a coming “revolution.” Well, that’s one thing I’ll agree with her on. The revolution is coming, Katy. It’s just not the mind-numbingly stupid one you have playing in your head.

The election map gives a vivid picture of what is taking place in our country. The middle of the map is covered in red and the bookend states are blue. The bookend states, California and New York, epitomize everything that is wrong with America. They have spent years amassing their wealth by stepping on the backs of middle America. They have shoved their personal agendas down our throats disregarding the fact we were choking on them. They mocked and ignored us. They wrote us off of as inconsequential. All to the tune of gaining more money, power and fame for themselves.

While they paid to play and partied over their certain win, the heart of the country seethed. While the most loud-mouthed in the country built Hillary up and enshrined her, the heartland waited. We knew our day was coming. Unlike Hillary’s motor-mouths the heart of America didn’t waste time arguing with them. What would be the point in that? We knew exactly how to strike back – at the polls. And on Tuesday night the sleeping giant awoke and took back what had been stolen – the heart of America.

So, if it makes the spoiled college brats feel better to throw a temper tantrum in the streets, go ahead. If all of election-protests-californiaHollywood has to cry a whole new ocean of tears, have at it. It’s not going to change a thing. Your day is gone. It’s our turn to see what happens when the president can’t be bought. It’s going to be a long eight years for you. See, that’s the thing about sleeping giants – you never see them coming. And once you’ve rattled the cage enough to wake them you’re hard pressed to put them back to sleep.


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