United Airline Doctor Has Sordid Past

I’ve got to weigh in on this Kentucky doctor pulled from a United Airlines flight from Chicago to Louisville. Dr. Dao refused to give up his seat after being randomly selected by a computer to do so. The flight was overbooked, a common occurrence in the airline industry, and four people were selected to leave the plane.  Two people did so without incident but Dr. Dao decided he was not going to comply. Security was called and after talking with Dao they forcibly removed him from the plane. That resulted in the doctor receiving a bloody face and while some proclaimed he was knocked unconscious others stated he jumped to his feet and ran back on the plane. Cue the uninformed outrage.

It seems the majority of people are furious at United Airlines for treating the doctor like a criminal. Well, when you don’t obey the directions of airline staff, it is a crime. Considering, what we know now about the doctor’s lack of stability all of those passengers should be thanking United. Furthermore, the airline offered the doctor $800 and a hotel room as well as a flight the next day. The doctor claimed he had to get to the hospital. Let’s just roll with that and ignore the fact that there are plenty of doctors who often miss rounds at the hospital for various reasons.
There were a number of options available to him. He could have flown a different airline. Louisville is no small airport. A number of airlines offer service from Chicago to Louisville. But let’s just say there were no more flights, which I highly doubt. Why not take the $800 and rent a car to drive? It is only four hours from Chicago to Louisville. His outrageous behavior delayed the flight for two hours. Had he been driving rather than acting crazy on a plane he would have been halfway there.
The other passengers were supposedly in shock but not one of them stood up and offered to leave the plane so the doctor wouldn’t have to. They didn’t feel so bad for the doctor they were willing to inconvenience themselves. Now, news comes out that the doctor has a history of trading prescription drugs for sex. Did I mention he’s married, with children and grandchildren? That’s just one of the blots on Dr. Dao’s history. He nearly lost his medical license in 2015 and I suspect he will after this incident.
What is the moral of this story? Before you whip out your phone to record some perceivable outrage, ask yourself what you can do to improve the situation. Don’t be someone so eager to create a public outrage that you forego truth and knowledge. Because in the end the truth always comes out and you only end up looking as foolish as the one causing the scene.

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