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Skewed View of Historical Monuments

This rabid need to destroy Confederate monuments is dishonoring to the slaves who gained their freedom after the Civil War.  Those monuments have stood as a reminder that hate didn’t win – until now.  In a bizarre turn of events destroying “hate monuments” is only bringing hate and violence on a scale not seen since the Civil Rights Movement.

Collectively, slaves were a strong group and intelligent beyond any credit given to them. They persevered in the worst of conditions.  It was their unshakable faith and solitude that prompted the North to intervene on their behalf.  Other people saw slaves and were so moved by compassion and love that they were willing to rip the country apart!  What an incredible exhibit of human compassion.

I am by no means, dismissing slavery.  I cannot even fathom it.  But I am always struck by the remarkable human spirit that people are now overlooking.  First and foremost the slaves. These people were owed everything but demanded only their freedom, after the war.  White people saw the shameless conditions and were so emotionally moved some were willing to fight against their own family on behalf of slaves they never knew.

Those statues aren’t markers of hate. They’re evidence of how strong and courageous the African-American people are. Anyone beaten, downcast, humiliated, or unloved should find hope in those monuments.  It should remind them that whatever they are going through today a group of people endured worse.  Most of all they should be a reminder that hate lost to compassion, love, and the overriding human spirit.  confed monument

Today, people who have never endured what the slaves did want to claim offense by heritage or offense. They are demanding respect because of a history of slavery while demeaning the respect the slaves already earned. As a result, they are undoing everything the Civil War and their ancestors accomplished.

Rather, than look at those monuments and be enveloped in the sense of strength and fortitude of their ancestors they prefer to be offended. That offense is doing nothing but shining a spot light on hate. For every monument torn down, there are five hate groups waiting to riot. People are fighting and dying in a war that has already been won.  Their choice to be a victim is an entirely new form of slavery with shackles greater than any their ancestors ever endured.