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Open Letter to Piers Morgan

I have read your remarks about the Las Vegas Shooting. I have followed you for years and have at times agreed with you. Not now.  For reasons that escape me you have taken it upon yourself to proclaim you have the answers for America. The audacity you have to think a non-American citizen has the right to determine our laws is incomprehensible.  Your unmitigated gall to demand of OUR President what must be done in OUR country demonstrates a level of privilege, you sir, do not have.  You speak in terms of “we” but you haven’t been part of “we” since 1776.  revolutionary flag

Three days into our tragedy and you, a foreigner, want to play American politics?  Your blustering arrogance runs amok while the blood of our citizens runs through the streets!  You want to put hurting people in your verbal crosshairs?  On a subject that doesn’t impact you?  And you do it with a superiority that your humble queen does not possess.  You speak with a level of calculated indifference of which I cannot conceive and an authority you do not have.
Vegas sniper's room

Stating the shooter “ran out of ammo” spotlights your lack of knowledge.  The FBI has yet to reveal how many guns he used and if those ammo clips pictured in his room were full. Considering they are stacked, not strewn about the room, it’s a good bet they are full.  We know he had cameras to alert him when to commit suicide and avoid arrest.  We also know he shot through the hotel door at a security guard who approached the room.  He shot 9-11 minutes at the crowd.  It was 72 minutes from the first 911 call to swat breaching the room.  Why?  Because he had stopped shooting, and the situation downgraded from active shooter to a barricade.

It’s reasonable to conclude after he shot the security guard he assumed the police weren’t far behind and committed suicide.  No one will know for sure until the investigation is complete.  However, your conjecture of him running out of ammo is not likely.

It’s mind-bending what you’ve convinced yourself you know about America.  In the 80’s trucks on American roads had stocked gun racks in the back window.  They were there for hunting or target shooting.  Everyone had guns, but we weren’t killing each other like today.  So, how did we get here? The answer is simple.

Liberal entertainment promotes violent gory movies, violent lyrics in music, video games depicting mass murder, and the need to glorify celebrities and athletes regardless of their crimes. Do you know the science behind what happens to the human brain when subjected to violent situations repeatedly?  Emotionally disconnected parents and technology connected kids is a deadly combination.

There is a shocking erosion of empathy created by personal agendas.  You are case in point.  You need to focus on your country’s safety rather than meddle in ours.  Despite your gun laws terror frequents your country.  What’s being done about that?  Should Americans be demanding more regulation on knives in the United Kingdom?  What about cars?  That’s the weapon of choice for your country?  What are you doing about it?  If you cannot keep your countrymen safe what in the world makes you think you have the answers for a country 40 times your size? London terror


As an American expert, you must know about the drug problem?  A myriad of laws handed down, for our safety, has only harmed those legitimately needing medications.  Meanwhile, drug-related crimes and deaths have increased in spite of all the legislation.  If it didn’t work for drugs why would it work for guns?  Your smugness steeped in ignorance is a stench to the American people.  Your complete failure of human empathy is troubling at best.

Our people are not even buried yet and you verbally attack us?  Shame on you!  How you find the nerve to disregard and disrespect the lives lost in order to flaunt your ill-perceived and grossly uneducated views about a country you’re not a part of, is beyond me.  You proclaim this a time to talk gun legislation.  I proclaim it a time to mourn, heal, support Las Vegas, and come together as a country.

When it comes time to address the matter we must start by realizing that the first thing Stephen Paddock killed was his ability to empathize.  We have a responsibility to consider ALL avenues leading to destruction.  But make no mistake Mr. Morgan, you are not part of that we.

pray for Vegas