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Channing Dungey’s Lost Teachable Moment

I will not defend Roseanne Barr’s comments. Despite liberals defending Michell Wolf’s heinous attack on Sarah Sanders, in Sarah’s presence, comedy has a line. Barr has acknowledged she was wrong and apologized. But ABC executive illusionist in charge, Channing Dungey claimed a teachable moment. Hmm.


Leveling the harshest punishment and allowing no opportunity to learn from mistakes is a teachable moment? If we heed that example what does it look like in the parenting realm? On our jobs? In our relationships? In schools? Even criminals have a three strikes rule.

Instead of punishing Barr by docking her pay, taking her off the show for a few episodes, reducing the number of episodes or a slew of other things, Dungey went for the jugular. With complete disregard for other cast members, who share her liberal views, she canceled the show. That is not a teachable moment. It’s opportunity. Standing on the backs of fellow liberal cast members she elevated herself. Who knew her name prior to this?

ABC canceled Last Man Standing even though it was their highest rated show. Why? Tim Allen refused to beat the worn-out drum of ABC’s liberal ideology. A fierce backlash resulted. How could ABC keep Last Man Standing off the air while pretending politics played no part? Enter Roseanne. She gave them two things; record-breaking ratings and a middle ground alternative between right or left. That was not acceptable. People must not have facts and thinking space. Otherwise, they might see the cult-like mindset ABC has adopted. And ABC wonders why they are the bottom feeders of the networks.


If liberals would set the Kool-Aid down and swipe the vengeance from their eyes they’d acknowledge that Barr gave an equal nod to both conservatives and liberals. Where else will you find a show reaching staggering numbers of people with a gender fluid kid supported by a Trump loving grandmother? The show had it all; a biracial child with military parents, sisters representing opposite political views with love, support for the “my body my choice” thinkers, accepting the Muslim next door, and taking on the opioid crisis. These are issues liberals claim to care about. So, why are they not supporting it? Because it only matters to them when it comes from someone on “their side.” It’s less about the cause and more about the attention. Which leads us here.

Dungey held a teachable moment in her hands and she squeezed the life out of it. This is not uncharted waters. Awards programs focused more on vicious attacks on Trump than they did winners. The Will and Grace reboot presented as fantastic for its nonstop hate spewing against Trump, Republicans, Christians, and anyone who dare not agree. Then Roseanne returned and blew Will and Grace out of the water. That explains hate stewardess Debra Messing’s tweet about her tears. And don’t even get me started on Michelle Wolfe and Samantha Bee.

Like a lion lurking unseen Dungy was waiting to take Rosanne out for the same reason, she took out Last Man Standing. It offered a different view. The only way to ensure the mindless allegiance of people is to remove all alternative views.
Dungy thinks she has the support of the majority. She thinks these decisions will bring her praise and notoriety as a champion of the people. But Channing Dungey here’s your teachable moment. In the words of Stevie Nicks, “lose yourself in the stillness of remembrance.” Recall your humiliating loss. The same silent people who shocked you then are still here. And you liberals never see it coming.