Joan Without Borders – whaaat??

Two years ago I lost my sister.  Ten months ago my body challenged cancer to a rematch.  Thank the Lord, I won.  In between, I’ve said goodbye to too many people I love and respect while watching countless others suffer.  And the candles on my birthday cake 21 days ago numbered 50!  surprise

The time has come.  I must avoid cliches, like counting chickens before they hatch.  Or perhaps I should fall in line with them; pay the piper, face the music, put on my big girl panties, sleep in the bed I made, and stand up and take notice.


Add that new wave thinking to a girl who spent a lifetime getting her self-worth from hard work and what do you get?  Paralyzing fear!!!  DUH!  But after that?  I’m not sure but I got some ideas.  Stay tuned and we’ll find out together.  Think of it as a reality show in print – Joan Without Borders, with one exception; I take suggestions.  How does a 50-year-old, “medically frail”, writer mom make the most of ever how many days she has left?


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