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BLM Devolving Into Terrorists

It seemed a good idea. Create a grassroots organization to bring awareness to the plight of black communities. What it seemed and what it is are two very different things.

On April 18, two gunmen ambushed a car in a McDonalds drive-thru. Of the 50 shots fired six hit 7-year-old Jaslyn Adams. One hit her father. Where is BLM for this little girl who just wanted a Happy Meal? Where’s all the outrage? Why are there no demands to say her name?

Two days later, Ma’Khia Bryant was milliseconds from stabbing another black girl. A cop, arriving at the scene saved the other woman’s life by shooting MaKhia. BLM is protesting and wants “justice for Ma’Khia.” Oh, okay. So, the victim’s black life doesn’t matter, little Jaslyn’s black life doesn’t matter but a black knife-weilding attacker’s does? Who makes this determination?

Little Jaslyn’s senseless murder is suspected gang violence. Why is BLM not in those communities helping? Last year alone BLM took in $90 million dollars. Yet, there’s not one report of a single cent going to black communities. Additionally, the self-described Marxist who co-founded BLM bought four luxury homes in the US, for $3.2 million dollars. There is a potential deal in the works to purchase properties in the Bahamas for $25 million. All the while, the communities destroyed by BLM protests go without.

What is BLM doing while they sit atop a fortune? A group of BLM protestors went into a Target with a megaphone demanding they stop arresting black people for shoplifting. They go to restaurants and run people out, take their food, challenge them to fight, and anything else they can think of to harass. They murdered a black security guard. They burned black-owned businesses. An older black lady cried on tv because BLM violence halted public transportation effectively cutting off her access to food, doctors, and pharmacies. They vandalize public property, riot, and attack innocent bystanders. They demand no police in areas of highest crime.

BLM is taking in money hand over fist and using it to fund their demands and desires. They threaten that if they don’t get what they want they will take to the streets in violent protest. That is not a charity organization. That is terrorism. And you need to ask yourself why you are supporting it.

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We All Have Our 9/11: This Is Mine

I sat at the kitchen table discussing with my husband, Steve, our busy day. It was Tuesday, September 11, 2001. I asked Steve what time his meeting started. He said, nine. I turned to look at the clock behind me. It was 8:45. American Airlines flight 11 was thundering toward New York City. We were 60 seconds away from unimaginable turmoil and devastation.  

My son, DJ, was an infant. He started fussing. Intending to calm him with a video, I flipped the TV on. The image of the North Tower on fire filled the screen. First reports indicated a small commuter plane accidently crashed into the tower.  It made little sense, but how else could we explain it?  This is America.  Terror doesn’t come to our soil. Everything we thought we knew was wrong.  And what we could never imagine was bearing down on us.   

As a former EMT, my brain assessed the scene on TV, while I stood flipping through options of to save the most lives. I saw a plane on the right side of the TV screen.  I actually gave a sigh of relief.  A rescue.  They could get people off the roof.  Then it happened.

United Airlines Flight 175 plowed into the South Tower. An enormous fireball erupted.  That plane hit the building. That plane just flew into that building.  On purpose!  I couldn’t form any other thought. I don’t know how long I stood there. When the process of thought returned, I realized DJ stopped fussing the minute the TV came on.  As if his only reason for fussing was to alert me to the attack.

I left the room briefly.  When I returned, I saw a split TV screen, on one side the towers burned, on the other the Pentagon.  I gasped.  What is happening?  I felt God impress upon my heart to pray. Despondency cascaded over me.  God, I don’t even know what to pray for. I felt God’s   response. “Pray for my people I’m bringing out.” I dropped to my knees.  I intended to pray aloud.  I choked on words and just wept.

When Steve returned from his meeting, I went to our older sons’s school. Steve and I decided taking them out of school may scare them too much. The only target for terrorists in Kentucky is Fort Knox. We’re far from there.  But I wanted to be the one to explain the attack to them.  I wanted to reassure them.  Pray with them.

In the school office, the secretary called for the boys.  I did my best to explain things to them.  We prayed and when I raised my head, I realized prayer re-entered public school.  A small group of people gathered around us and bowed their heads, joining us in prayer.

Back at home, details of United Flight 93 came in.  Those passengers took back their liberty.  They voted on a plan to storm the cockpit.  Even in the face of certain death, they upheld democracy. Americans to the end.

The reaming hours of 9/11 unfolded with shock, horror, and heroism.  It was the worst day for America, but never was she more beautiful. Flags unfurled across the country. Our government sang “God Bless America” on the steps of Capitol. People flocked to churches, gave blood, and made plans to enlist in the military.  I’ve never been more proud to be American as I was on 9/11.  From the ashes we rose as one.  May God forever bless the U.S.A.  

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The Blood is Yours Harry

The all-knowing Harry got himself punked. Too obtuse to see the plethora of red flags, he turned into a Chatty Cathy. He revealed himself as a disturbed, arrogant child. His rudimentary knowledge of coal set me off.

I live in Kentucky. Unlike egotistical nonsensical Harry, I know about coal. Coal is to Eastern Kentucky what actors are to Hollywood. We have the most mines in the country. Closing coal mines means literally wiping out entire communities. Those who don’t starve to death or commit suicide will turn to government assistance. Not only are we the fifth largest coal producer, but we are also the fifth poorest state.

Thanks to politicians robbing Peter to pay Paul, Kentucky is in financial crisis. Much needed support and programs are being cut. My son DJ is special needs. Kentucky doesn’t have the funds to help parents of special needs kids remain in the workforce like other states. Therefore, I left my lucrative job to care for DJ. The lost income forced my husband to work three jobs. Our four other sons were under age 11.

DJ spent more time in the hospital than out and I got cancer. The loss of my job meant losing excellent healthcare coverage that would have paid 100% of all medical bills DJ and I needed. I felt certain if the cancer didn’t kill me, the stress would. It took almost 20 years to crawl out of those black days.

Harry wants to take my personal tragedy, amplify it by ten and inflict it on over 700,000 Kentuckians all in the name of climate change. While Kentuckians lose everything, Harry will be private jetting around the globe on Daddy’s dime and British taxpayer money giving million-dollar speeches to fracking supporting companies.

Pikeville proves Kentucky can escape the coal mines. Once known as a coal town, Pikeville now thrives in the medical field. How? A wealthy man put his money where his mouth is and rallied support from others. He turned around a struggling hospital and built a medical college. Knowing the key to success is investing in people, hospital employees enjoy free healthcare and great pay. That is the epitome of being committed to your cause.

You going to do that Hollywood Harry? Are you so committed to an anti-coal world you’ll sacrifice your mansion, private jets, overpriced clothes, celebrity hob-knobbing, and million-dollar speeches? I didn’t think so.

So, in the words of your little BFF Greta Thunberg, “How dare you!” How dare you think you know all the answers. How dare you contribute nothing but take everything. How dare you devalue people. How dare you present as climate control pious while raking from fracking supporting companies. Most of all, how dare you attack my state, my people, when you have never stepped one designer shoe here.

You sit on your holier than thou throne in your privileged life, calling for the destruction of thousands of lives. That Nazi costume you wore wasn’t a costume at all. It was an expression of a warped sense of self. You have the audacity to attack our president for preserving lives, yet you’re too spineless to walk the coal mines as you did the landmines. The only one with bloody hands is you, Pontius Pilate.


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Are You on the Bus of Integrity

Have you seen the big yellow bus of insinuation parked by Murphy’s on the bypass?  The intent, obviously, was to make people think Clark County Public Schools was endorsing Bill Taulbee for the school board seat district 1.  What Mr. Taulbee did not count on was the backlash of his outlandish act.  I spoke with Superintendent Paul Christy who strenuously denied the insinuation.  Mr. Christy stated the bus in question is not now nor has it ever been a part of the CCPS fleet.  In fact, he received multiple phone calls from angry citizens demanding to know why a school bus was used in this political stunt.  It certainly implied that the tax dollars you spend in our schools go to support Mr. Taulbee’s campaign, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Taulbee’s choice of placing a sign on a bus not only nullifies any message he hoped to have but also toys with the boundaries of zone signage ordinances.  Section 11 of Winchester’s Zoning Ordinances deal with the specifications of signs.  Vehicle signs exempt from the ordinance are those painted or affixed to vehicles, contain only business/owner name, are on vehicles used in the business not just merely for displaying a sign, and are parked in an area appropriate for the business and in a manner that minimizes street visibility.  None of those apply to Mr. Taulbee’s bus stunt.

When Mr. Taulbee posted the picture of his infamous bus stunt to his campaign page he only incited more anger.  Again, using the tactic of insinuation, he implied employees of the school system aside from teachers were forgotten.  The facts are that other employees received raises alongside teachers.  It was just another smokescreen intended to conflict rather than clarify.  The campaign trail is where the candidate puts his best foot forward.  So what does that say when the candidate’s campaign tactics are deceit, misrepresentation, insinuation, and outright excuses to avoid constituents one one one?  Well, you don’t need a bus to tell you what that is a sign of!

Prior to this misstep, Mr. Taulbee was reported for exploiting his position as football booster president for political gain.  It has been said that Mr. Taulbee while presenting awards, working concessions and engaging in other booster activities he was simultaneously campaigning.  A bit frowned upon.  His own Facebook posts have alluded to such controversial campaign tactics.  Even as he used his booster position to benefit him politically, he also uses it as an excuse to shirk his duties.  His political mailer states, “I would personally would (sic) have liked to speak to every voter in the District. Unfortunately, due to working a full time (sic) job and performing my duties as the George Rogers Clark Football Booster President, I may not make it to your house before the election on November 6th.”  In my opinion, that is code for if you’re involved with football I’ve talked to you and if you’re not then why bother?

When I discussed these matters with Mr. Taulbee’s opponent, Patti Columbia, she understood the anger and frustration of her supporters but remained true to her eternal optimism and commitment.  She will continue to run a clean positive campaign centered on how she can serve the community.  That comes as no surprise to her supporters because it is classic Patti.

Patti Columbia didn’t just decide one day to run for school board.  For years, people have asked her to run.  Typical of her nature, she would only run if she believed she was the best person for the job.  She invested her time in educating herself about procedures and needs, attended countless board meetings, interacted with the community and a plethora of other things no prior board candidate has done before tossing her proverbial hat in the ring.

Patti Columbia doesn’t blur lines of integrity, she happily engages in the tiresome footwork of door to door campaigning and orchestrated her life to make the board seat a priority rather than something to try to make time for.  That is why the best choice for District 1 and all of Clark County is Patti Columbia.  Because integrity and insinuations really do tell the tale of the candidate.

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All Sides Against Church Christ Cathedral

Any true Liberal or Christian should be alarmed at the antics of Indiana’s Church Christ Cathedral.  In an alarmingly boneheaded move, the church decided to put Mary and Joseph in a cage to protest illegal immigrant families being separated.  Let’s just blow right past the fact that nothing being done now has not been done before.  And that criminals in America don’t get to take their kids to jail with them.

christ churchAs a nod to viral social media ignorance, liberals are cheering for this alleged church.  In typical, only-my-agenda-matters fashion conceptual thinking is traded for the thrill of a participation ribbon.  They abandon the First Amendment they have screamed for in the past and will no doubt protest for in the future.  But here’s the thing about the First Amendment.  It not only prevents the government from endorsing the church but also the church from influencing legislation.  So, if you cheer this church jumping in the political ring then, consider the influence pastors have, get over prayer in school, hang The Ten Commandments back on the wall and try not to choke on your Merry Christmas.

While you do all that keep in mind the church is tax exempt.  Ordinarily, I would be shocked a church leader would be so reckless with his church’s financial solvency.  However, considering the pretzel-like manipulations of Scripture he used to put himself in the national spotlight, I’m not surprised at all.  This church leader’s deliberate stirring of murky water only clarifies his intent to drag his congregation down that road paved with good intentions.

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Peter Fonda – Politics is Not an Excuse

When you become as unhinged as Peter Fonda there is something far more wrong with you than politics.

In now deleted Tweets, Fonda called for 12-year-old Barron Trump, our president’s son,  to be caged with pedophiles, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders children to be removed from her, and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Neilson, to be stripped naked, put in a cage, and tortured while being filmed “for posterity.”  This man should immediately be put on every government watch list and banned forever from the entertainment industry.

What prompted his meltdown?  He demands better treatment of illegal immigrant children.  Oh, okay, let’s attack women and children as a means to show how much we care about women and children.  In what hemisphere is this okay?

According to him, we should brutalize women and children based on politics.  That means that all of you in the #Metoo movement according to Fonda if you disagree with him you should be stripped, raped, tortured and caged; and your children too.  You going to stand for that?  Are you going to let this man undo all the progress you’ve made, the changes you’ve implemented, and all the respect you’ve earned?

Who will step up and say this is far from okay?  Who will ban him from the stage, Screen Actors Guild, or the Motion Picture Association of America?  Will directors Patricia Riggen, Daniel Sackheim, Carlton Cuse, and Morten Tyldum replace him in Jack Ryan as was done to Kevin Spacey?  Will writer Tom Clancy make a teachable moment by ending Jack Ryan as was done to Roseanne Barr?

This is by no means a defense of Spacey, Barr, or any of the others.  This is calling a spade a spade.  It’s about abuse and torture of women and children being more important than politics, entertainment, or childish outbursts.

Fonda is a despicable human being.  It doesn’t matter he deleted the Tweets.  It matters that he not only had the thoughts but deemed them acceptable enough to put on Twitter.  Which means his warped mind believed the majority of people would acquiesce.  It is not only repulsive it’s horrifying.  If he is willing to publicize his disgusting intentions at a time when celebrities are being fired, banned, and sued for mistreatment of women we have no reason to believe he will not act on his sick impulses.

There is a line in humanity that is not erased by politics, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or race.  It’s not a fluid line.  It doesn’t move.  There is unequivocally no reason to EVER say the vile things he did.  The question is, America, what will you do about it?


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Channing Dungey’s Lost Teachable Moment

I will not defend Roseanne Barr’s comments. Despite liberals defending Michell Wolf’s heinous attack on Sarah Sanders, in Sarah’s presence, comedy has a line. Barr has acknowledged she was wrong and apologized. But ABC executive illusionist in charge, Channing Dungey claimed a teachable moment. Hmm.


Leveling the harshest punishment and allowing no opportunity to learn from mistakes is a teachable moment? If we heed that example what does it look like in the parenting realm? On our jobs? In our relationships? In schools? Even criminals have a three strikes rule.

Instead of punishing Barr by docking her pay, taking her off the show for a few episodes, reducing the number of episodes or a slew of other things, Dungey went for the jugular. With complete disregard for other cast members, who share her liberal views, she canceled the show. That is not a teachable moment. It’s opportunity. Standing on the backs of fellow liberal cast members she elevated herself. Who knew her name prior to this?

ABC canceled Last Man Standing even though it was their highest rated show. Why? Tim Allen refused to beat the worn-out drum of ABC’s liberal ideology. A fierce backlash resulted. How could ABC keep Last Man Standing off the air while pretending politics played no part? Enter Roseanne. She gave them two things; record-breaking ratings and a middle ground alternative between right or left. That was not acceptable. People must not have facts and thinking space. Otherwise, they might see the cult-like mindset ABC has adopted. And ABC wonders why they are the bottom feeders of the networks.


If liberals would set the Kool-Aid down and swipe the vengeance from their eyes they’d acknowledge that Barr gave an equal nod to both conservatives and liberals. Where else will you find a show reaching staggering numbers of people with a gender fluid kid supported by a Trump loving grandmother? The show had it all; a biracial child with military parents, sisters representing opposite political views with love, support for the “my body my choice” thinkers, accepting the Muslim next door, and taking on the opioid crisis. These are issues liberals claim to care about. So, why are they not supporting it? Because it only matters to them when it comes from someone on “their side.” It’s less about the cause and more about the attention. Which leads us here.

Dungey held a teachable moment in her hands and she squeezed the life out of it. This is not uncharted waters. Awards programs focused more on vicious attacks on Trump than they did winners. The Will and Grace reboot presented as fantastic for its nonstop hate spewing against Trump, Republicans, Christians, and anyone who dare not agree. Then Roseanne returned and blew Will and Grace out of the water. That explains hate stewardess Debra Messing’s tweet about her tears. And don’t even get me started on Michelle Wolfe and Samantha Bee.

Like a lion lurking unseen Dungy was waiting to take Rosanne out for the same reason, she took out Last Man Standing. It offered a different view. The only way to ensure the mindless allegiance of people is to remove all alternative views.
Dungy thinks she has the support of the majority. She thinks these decisions will bring her praise and notoriety as a champion of the people. But Channing Dungey here’s your teachable moment. In the words of Stevie Nicks, “lose yourself in the stillness of remembrance.” Recall your humiliating loss. The same silent people who shocked you then are still here. And you liberals never see it coming.

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Is a Vote for Trump a Mockery of Jesus

Recently, an article posted on Facebook declared any Christian who voted for Trump was “making a mockery of Jesus Christ.” The article beats the same worn drum. Trump disrespects women.  A womanizer should not be in the White House.  Really?  Bill Clinton turned the Oval Office into a whorehouse!  Hillary re-victimized the women by attacking them. Clinton’s accusers came forward on their own while attorney Lisa Bloom sought to pay women $700,000 to accuse Trump. Neither Republicans nor Democrats get a trophy for their treatment of women.

The nerve center of the article isn’t political. It is spiritual. It takes unmitigated gall of catastrophic proportions to measure a person’s faith by the ballot box. Moses was a murderer used by God. David was an adulterer and orchestrated a murder yet God called him a man after God’s heart. Rahab was a prostitute but was in the direct lineage of Christ. God’s power and grace are on full display when he uses unfit, unwanted and imperfect people to do great things.

The “good” people in the Bible were the Pharisees and Sadducees, those termed Teachers of the Law.  They were in charge in Jesus’ day.  They set themselves as the moral compass and the beacon of all that was right.  Jesus, however, referred to them as hypocrites, a brood of vipers, snakes, phonies, and oppressive.  Jesus set Himself up against the holier-than-thou even as He reclined with sinners.


The mockery of Jesus comes when we promote our vote as the only Christian one.  Or when we use faith as a weapon of mass destruction.  It’s a pitfall Jesus warned us about and fought against.  He left no question as to our inability to judge one another.


A person who uses a vote as a measuring stick of faith only invites questions about himself.  One of the foundational beliefs of Christianity is that God works good through bad situations.  Shaming someone for their vote defies that core belief.  Our shoulders are not the ones of which the weight of the government rests.  That is Jesus’ job.  God makes our job equally clear.


That verse prohibits the Christian from saying, “not my president.”  It makes no difference whether or not you like the president.  God expects His people to act according to His Word and do right even if the government is wrong.  It is the responsibility of every minister in America to bring that point home to their congregations.



When you see people on social media promoting such outrageous claims of mockery ask yourself why.  Humans have personal agendas but God has an agenda for humanity.  More often than not, God will enter from an unexpected avenue through the least capable person.  So, is a vote for Trump a mockery of Jesus?  No!  It is a surrender that we’ve done all we can and depend on a loving and just God to do what we can’t.  It speaks to a deep knowing that regardless of what the world says, it’s the sinner who has a true heart for God.

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Open Letter to Piers Morgan

I have read your remarks about the Las Vegas Shooting. I have followed you for years and have at times agreed with you. Not now.  For reasons that escape me you have taken it upon yourself to proclaim you have the answers for America. The audacity you have to think a non-American citizen has the right to determine our laws is incomprehensible.  Your unmitigated gall to demand of OUR President what must be done in OUR country demonstrates a level of privilege, you sir, do not have.  You speak in terms of “we” but you haven’t been part of “we” since 1776.  revolutionary flag

Three days into our tragedy and you, a foreigner, want to play American politics?  Your blustering arrogance runs amok while the blood of our citizens runs through the streets!  You want to put hurting people in your verbal crosshairs?  On a subject that doesn’t impact you?  And you do it with a superiority that your humble queen does not possess.  You speak with a level of calculated indifference of which I cannot conceive and an authority you do not have.
Vegas sniper's room

Stating the shooter “ran out of ammo” spotlights your lack of knowledge.  The FBI has yet to reveal how many guns he used and if those ammo clips pictured in his room were full. Considering they are stacked, not strewn about the room, it’s a good bet they are full.  We know he had cameras to alert him when to commit suicide and avoid arrest.  We also know he shot through the hotel door at a security guard who approached the room.  He shot 9-11 minutes at the crowd.  It was 72 minutes from the first 911 call to swat breaching the room.  Why?  Because he had stopped shooting, and the situation downgraded from active shooter to a barricade.

It’s reasonable to conclude after he shot the security guard he assumed the police weren’t far behind and committed suicide.  No one will know for sure until the investigation is complete.  However, your conjecture of him running out of ammo is not likely.

It’s mind-bending what you’ve convinced yourself you know about America.  In the 80’s trucks on American roads had stocked gun racks in the back window.  They were there for hunting or target shooting.  Everyone had guns, but we weren’t killing each other like today.  So, how did we get here? The answer is simple.

Liberal entertainment promotes violent gory movies, violent lyrics in music, video games depicting mass murder, and the need to glorify celebrities and athletes regardless of their crimes. Do you know the science behind what happens to the human brain when subjected to violent situations repeatedly?  Emotionally disconnected parents and technology connected kids is a deadly combination.

There is a shocking erosion of empathy created by personal agendas.  You are case in point.  You need to focus on your country’s safety rather than meddle in ours.  Despite your gun laws terror frequents your country.  What’s being done about that?  Should Americans be demanding more regulation on knives in the United Kingdom?  What about cars?  That’s the weapon of choice for your country?  What are you doing about it?  If you cannot keep your countrymen safe what in the world makes you think you have the answers for a country 40 times your size? London terror


As an American expert, you must know about the drug problem?  A myriad of laws handed down, for our safety, has only harmed those legitimately needing medications.  Meanwhile, drug-related crimes and deaths have increased in spite of all the legislation.  If it didn’t work for drugs why would it work for guns?  Your smugness steeped in ignorance is a stench to the American people.  Your complete failure of human empathy is troubling at best.

Our people are not even buried yet and you verbally attack us?  Shame on you!  How you find the nerve to disregard and disrespect the lives lost in order to flaunt your ill-perceived and grossly uneducated views about a country you’re not a part of, is beyond me.  You proclaim this a time to talk gun legislation.  I proclaim it a time to mourn, heal, support Las Vegas, and come together as a country.

When it comes time to address the matter we must start by realizing that the first thing Stephen Paddock killed was his ability to empathize.  We have a responsibility to consider ALL avenues leading to destruction.  But make no mistake Mr. Morgan, you are not part of that we.

pray for Vegas

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Skewed View of Historical Monuments

This rabid need to destroy Confederate monuments is dishonoring to the slaves who gained their freedom after the Civil War.  Those monuments have stood as a reminder that hate didn’t win – until now.  In a bizarre turn of events destroying “hate monuments” is only bringing hate and violence on a scale not seen since the Civil Rights Movement.

Collectively, slaves were a strong group and intelligent beyond any credit given to them. They persevered in the worst of conditions.  It was their unshakable faith and solitude that prompted the North to intervene on their behalf.  Other people saw slaves and were so moved by compassion and love that they were willing to rip the country apart!  What an incredible exhibit of human compassion.

I am by no means, dismissing slavery.  I cannot even fathom it.  But I am always struck by the remarkable human spirit that people are now overlooking.  First and foremost the slaves. These people were owed everything but demanded only their freedom, after the war.  White people saw the shameless conditions and were so emotionally moved some were willing to fight against their own family on behalf of slaves they never knew.

Those statues aren’t markers of hate. They’re evidence of how strong and courageous the African-American people are. Anyone beaten, downcast, humiliated, or unloved should find hope in those monuments.  It should remind them that whatever they are going through today a group of people endured worse.  Most of all they should be a reminder that hate lost to compassion, love, and the overriding human spirit.  confed monument

Today, people who have never endured what the slaves did want to claim offense by heritage or offense. They are demanding respect because of a history of slavery while demeaning the respect the slaves already earned. As a result, they are undoing everything the Civil War and their ancestors accomplished.

Rather, than look at those monuments and be enveloped in the sense of strength and fortitude of their ancestors they prefer to be offended. That offense is doing nothing but shining a spot light on hate. For every monument torn down, there are five hate groups waiting to riot. People are fighting and dying in a war that has already been won.  Their choice to be a victim is an entirely new form of slavery with shackles greater than any their ancestors ever endured.