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How To Stop Vegas Violence

I lived in Vegas for a time and loved it. I failed to see the cinematic version of Vegas Hollywood portrays. I don’t doubt its existence. It just wasn’t as prevalent. Instead, Vegas welcomed this fish out of water Kentucky girl. From people at the grocery store to fellow residents in the apartment complex, all the way to the Strip, people accepted and ribbed about my accent. To which I replied, “I don’t have an accent. You do.”

At 22 years old, I traversed the Las Vegas Strip at night, more often than not alone. Yes, I grasp the foolishness of that now. But then, I never felt threatened or scared. Be it noon or two in the morning, I never encountered someone who gave me pause.

It’s hard to equate my Vegas experience to a madman randomly stabbing people over a picture. In 2017, I stood in stupefied horror watching the news of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. How could that possibly be the Vegas I know and love? The Vegas I returned to with my young sons?

The answer is as simple as it is complex. We cannot keep desensitizing ourselves to violence in movies, books, games, music, etc. and expect to live in a peaceful world. All the gun regulations in the world won’t stop a madman. If Stephen Paddock didn’t have an arsenal to unleash that October day, he could’ve driven a car through the festival. And possibly killed more people than he did with his guns.

We’re looking the wrong way. We’re looking at the outward when it’s the inward we need to attend. Celebrities yammering on about gun control but look at their movies. They intentionally get violent sexualized movies under the R rating in order to reach a younger audience. Listen to the music your kids are listening to. Even worse, look at the behavior of the artist as they perform onstage at awards shows aired during Primetime viewing. How can these people possibly complain about sexualization and violence sprouting from the seeds they plant? And every new venue pushes the envelope a little more.

Sitting back and saying, “I’m against gun violence” isn’t enough. Angrily calling for more gun laws is a copout. What are we doing in our homes to raise the next generation? How much do we know what our kids see online? How much violence are we exposing ourselves to? Asking these questions is difficult. Answering them is harder. But pursuing a more peaceful world will not be easy. It’s the hardest task we have.

Route 91 Shooting Memorial

The one thing we got right is naming love as the answer. Weigh the amount of love and violence exposure in your home and see how the scales hold. Do you and your children know that regardless of what you’ve done, there is a God who loves you and is waiting for you? Even if you don’t believe, don’t you owe it to the pursuit of peace to explore the possibility? Shutdown all violent pathways to your mind. Turn on Contemporary Christian music, read the Bible, discuss and heal the generational pains in your family, and viciously pursue love. Take a week and immerse yourself and family in the love of God and it will change your life.

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Four Minutes With Adam Levine

With elections in November, we will hear from celebrities outraged, shocked, or whatever their word of the moment is. They’ll tell us how important it is that we listen to them because they know best. How else could they be such a great singer, actor, or talk show host? I mean, they couldn’t get those jobs without some serious world knowledge, right? Wrong!

There are a few celebrities, Sandra Bullock comes to mind, who are capable of quietly giving to their causes. No fanfare, no proud bragging at awards shows, no voting demands or nonsensical word salads from wannabe royals. When is the last time you heard of a celebrity backing up their words with action? They are few and usually ignored because their beliefs lie opposite to the loudest in the entertainment industry.

Adam Levine has never presented himself as a virtuous man. He’s made clear he takes pride in his relentless bedding of women. His abhorrent misogynistic attitude toward women he excused by his profession of just loving women so much he can’t help himself. Love to him equates treating women as objects of his personal pleasure, not people with lives and talents of their own. Getting involved with or supporting him is about the least feminine affirming thing you can do.

In disgusting blunt terms, he sexualized women on a Hugh Hefner level. But that is Adam Levine in private. The public Adam Levine was tweeting his hate for former President Trump, who Adam labeled sexist, misogynistic, and more. With all his love for women, Adam couldn’t remain silent about Trump. Not that either man’s behavior is excused. I bring up Trump only to demonstrate Adam’s fakeness. While attacking the former president’s moral character, Adam was asking one of his long-term mistresses if he can name his child with his wife after her. Sick! In the wake of his sex scandal, those Maroon 5 songs hit a little different. By no means is Adam the only celebrity talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is only the latest caught.

Martha’s Vineyard is full of hypocritical celebrities. Former President Obama and Oprah both profess their love and empathy for the plight of immigrants. They also have seasonal multi acreage land on Martha’s Vineyard, a self-proclaimed sanctuary city. Yet, they were strangely quiet when Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 immigrants to the island. The island hosted hundreds of celebrities for Obama’s birthday bash with no problem, but 50 immigrants sent them in an emergency state requiring the mobilization of the national guard.

Remember all the cries of immigrants in cages and families separated at the border? They got what they claimed they wanted illegal immigrant families together in America and safe from deportation. So why did they flip out? The type of immigrants Martha’s Vineyard support are those overloading all public resources in Florida and Texas. Give them the opportunity to show their superior knowledge and Martha’s Vineyard was outraged, immediately rid themselves of all immigrants and filed legal action to make sure no immigrant ever sully their pristine white beaches again. And they were proud of themselves for such thorough white washing. Citizens of the playground of the wealthy are rich in lectures but poor in humanizing their lectures. Has there ever been a prominently employed immigrant on Martha’s Vineyard? What sort of sanctuary city has no immigrants?

I could rattle on, but you get the point. It’s up to us to weigh the words of preachy celebrities. All we have to do is spend a few minutes researching if they’ve ever done anything besides talk about what they support. Support isn’t passive, it’s active. Just spend four minutes and determine if there is any action behind what a celebrity declares is the moral, just, American way of voting. If you are unwilling to research, please don’t vote. Because what you’re unwilling to spend four minutes researching you sentence the rest of the country to four years of living.

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Benghazi: The Forgotten 9/11

The Democratic Party and their supporters like to whitewash the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. They claim it fosters anger and hate. They intended the Obama Administration to usher in a time of peace away from the wars of the Bush era. They lost sight of the fact that we were in peace on 9/11. Our desire for peace does not deter another’s evil.

L-R Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods

Libya’s leader Muammar Gaddafi turned Libya into a socialist country. For decades the Libyan people suffered in every conceivable way. Gaddafi reduced his country to squaller even as he lived in splendor. Multiple rebel groups rose up against Gaddafi. Following Gaddafi’s murder in 2011 the country descended further into chaos. Rival groups and turf wars broke out.

In September 2012, the United States had two compounds in Benghazi. A well known diplomatic outpost where US Ambassador Chris Stevens and his envoy were stationed. And a secret CIA annex tasked with locating Gaddafi’s weapons stash and keeping them from enemy hands. The outpost was protected by only six men. The secret annex was protected by former Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and Marines.

By all accounts Ambassador Stevens’s message of peace was genuine. It was his belief system not political pandering. Only the secret soldiers understood Stevens could be in danger. They met with the Ambassador’s security team. The compound was weak and would succumb to the slightest resistance. No one knew that better than the special forces secretly stashed a mile from the outpost.

Reccomendations for more men, fortified walls and such were met with a resounding no. Even reports of insurgents taking pictures of the compound were ignored. The attitude in Washington was there was no threat in Libya. Talking heads in Washington labored under the misconception that Libyans felt indebted to America. We helped rid them of Gaddafi. They friendlies in the country might see fortifying walls or increasing protection as preparation for battle. They were more interested in perception than reality.

The first attack was on the compound. Ambassador Stevens and aid Sean Smith were killed. The compound called out for help to the secret soldiers at the Annex. Only a mile from the compound the annex soldiers watched the horror attack unfold. They assembled and were ready to save American lives. They were ordered to stand down. After thirty minutes of listening to desperate pleas and seeing how overrun the outpost was, the secret soldiers ignored the stand down order. They went to do what should have been automatic; defend our people.

An unarmed US drone was overhead feeding events live. Washington could see the Benghazi police they were certain would help flee. Right before their eyes was evidence of how wrong they were about everything. Insurgents using phones to get target coordinates told the story the US Government didn’t want to know. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, infamously denied it was a coordinated terrorist attack. Instead, she proclaimed the attack was born in the moment from angry protests.

It’s been ten years since the coordinated attack in Benghazi. It was a sophisticated attack planned months in advance to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. Libyan friendlies realized the United States wasn’t helping Americans in Benghazi. They organized and arrived ay the not so secret annex to get our people out.

You can debate who saw what when and the game of deadly politics. But the message is the same. We don’t get peace by asking nicely. We get it through power and respect. We get power and respect by standing ready to fight and refusing to be lulled into false security. The ability to enjoy the best of times while prepared for any response in the worst of times is what freedom is.

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Variety Tipped To Queen’s Death?

The sad inevitable day has arrived. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away today. News first came that the longest reining monarch was ill. Lover of all things British that I am, I immediately began following the story. When news broke of her death it didn’t come first from the Daily Mail, BBC, CNN, Fox News, or any mainstream news outlet. Instead, it came from entertainment magazine Variety.

By chance, I was on Twitter when Variety sent out the death tweet. Immediately, I went to the Daily Mail. There was no update from their earlier stories. Surprised, I went to other news outlets. Nothing. I went back and reviewed the tweet thinking perhaps I misread it. But there it was. “Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II Dies at 96.” At that point, Twitter stamped the tweet as 48 seconds old. For approximately two minutes only Variety reported the death. Then all at once other news outlets confirmed the Queen’s passing.

It’s a pretty safe bet to say Variety was tipped off. If that is the case, it’s also a safe bet to say Meghan Markle likely tipped them off. Tweets are marked in seconds and minutes until they reach an hour. With only a few minutes between the Variety tweet and other outlets, and the fact I didn’t think to screenshoot it, I don’t have tangible evidence. It’s my supposition Meghan tipped off Variety. Why do I think this?

Variety never misses an opportunity to shout their wonder and admiration of Harry and Meghan. The magazine hailed Meghan’s podcast as a resounding success. It’s not. The former royals are skipping around the globe with a Netflix crew in tow. Meghan has the reputation of tipping off publications known to favor her.

Meghan timed the photo call for Archie’s birth to coincide with prime morning news hour in America. She prefers news break in the States where she gets the most positive attention. CBS news anchor and BFF of Oprah Winfrey gained one of only three slots at Windsor Castle to photograph Archie, much to the frustration of British media. King also spent time with Harry and Meghan at Frogmore Cottage days before the birth. And let’s not forget the infamous Oprah tell all lie fest. Meghan definitely has her favorites in the media. Variety is one of them. She erroneously thinks it’s her gateway to Hollywood. It’s not.

I may not have hard evidence Meghan used the Queen’s death to curry media favors but the circumstantial evidence is sufficient for me. You can make up your own mind. Believe it or not, one thing is undeniable. Harry and Meghan sadly didn’t care enough about the Queen to accept her invitation to visit at Balmoral. How ironic Harry wound up there anyway, alone. A day late and dollar short, as they say.

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No matter the climate, we can count on the former prince known as Harry to muck up Constitutional rights. You’d think after that humiliating First Amendment is bonkers thing Harry would spend five minutes fact checking the speech Meghan wrote for him. But nope!

During his UN Nelson Mandela Day speech, Harry remarked upon the travesty of SCOTUS’s “rolling back of Constitutional rights in the United States.” There’s a bit of a hiccup with that though. RoeVWade was a Supreme Court ruling, not a Constitutional right. The difference is significant.

A SCOTUS ruling is a court case. If you lose a court case you can appeal it all the way to the United States Supreme Court. They may find in your favor. However, your win does not make it a right or law for everyone. The court system in America rules on specific cases and precedence.

In the RoeVWade case SCOTUS, rightly, upheld the founding fabric of this country. Our system is designed to allow states to establish law for their constituents rather than a large federal government dictating to everyone. Outside of national security, the federal government cannot interfere in state government. Even in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster, the governor of the state must request federal aid before FEMA can respond.

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Federal aid wasn’t initially sent to multiple parishes in New Orleans because Louisiana Governor Blanco didn’t include those parishes in his request for aid from the Bush Administration. Despite all the erroneous liberal “outrage” SCOTUS ruled abortion is a state mandate like everything else. If Harry and Meghan are so constitutionally literate and powerful, why didn’t they provoke the ratification of RoeVWade?

To make abortion a Constitutional right, RoeVWade would’ve had to be ratified, voted on and added to the Constitution as an amendment. An amendment requires two-thirds of our 50 states to request a convention in order to vote on the matter. If the states fail to do so, Congress can ratify it with a two-thirds vote in both houses. In the 50 years since it’s been on the books, including 29 of those years under Democratic rule, no one attempted to ratify RoeVWade.

We can somewhat excuse Harry’s Constitutional ignorance. Although, at this juncture, one would think he’d be wising up. But Meghan? What’s her excuse? If you married a hapless prince from another country, wouldn’t you read his speech and advise him before he gave an “expert” opinion on the host country’s politics on the world stage?

Harry and Meghan hold themselves above us mere peasants. They present themselves as all wise, super rich, and mega famous. When, in fact, they are shockingly oblivious to reality, live well beyond their means, and are clinging to the gutter. They are victims of their own demise. And when that demise hits them, it will be in a humiliatingly spectacular public fashion. But it won’t be a Constitutional Right.

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What Is It About Campfires & Abuse? Raquel Pennington Testifies

Today Amber Heard’s former friend Raquel Pennington testified to a campfire event she witnessed between Amber and Johnny Depp. According to her, Amber was sitting in the lap of another female friend. The friend had an arm draped around Amber. Although Raquel passed this off as normal, it’s bizarre to me. I’m close to my friends but we don’t sit in each other’s lap. But Amber’s previous partner was female, so perhaps it’s normal to her. Which gives reason to Johnny appearing and telling the friend, “Get your hands off my woman.” Amber got up and followed Johnny as he walked off. It’s as if she is quoting a story right out of my life.

Raquel stated Johnny had been with the group earlier, so she was surprised at his abrupt change. In her words, “It’s like a switch flipped.” As someone in that exact situation, I say that is a very accurate description. Unless you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, you cannot understand the internal and permanent damage of a person’s entire thought process.

Abusers are narcissistic and insecure. In order to validate themselves, they engage in jealousy inciting behavior. They ignore their victim and shower attention on another. Nothing makes them feel empowered more than setting up a rivalry and demeaning their victim in front of friends.

Years ago, a guy I dated was not a physical abuser but a master manipulator. He would never lay hands on me. His preferred tactic was psychological, which is an abuse of another type. The abuser’s humiliation tactics flood bone deep into the victim. Resurrected emotions surface.

The first response is to ignore it. The mindset is, if he is ignoring me, I’ll pretend it doesn’t bother me. You want to withhold the reaction he seeks. But the rejection, embarrassment, and anger crawls through you, devouring you from the inside out.

In my case, after seeking me out as soon as he arrived, he ignored me. Because I was target shooting away from the main area, he needed to find me. He wanted me to know he arrived. Instead of approaching me like a normal human, he shouts from a distance, “Who gave Joan a gun?” then ran off. It was a funny joke. I thought little about it. But that was it. He never spoke another word to me.

As night fell, we sat around a campfire. He seated himself in front of me, but pointedly ignored me. I don’t think he planned what happened next, but he sure didn’t dissuade it. A random girl seated herself on one of his knees. At once, everyone turned to me. A response was required.

I sifted through my options until I landed on one. I turned to the group of his and my friends I’d been hanging with all day and said with a laugh, “Maybe I should sit on his other knee.” That was it. Gauntlet thrown and bets made. My friend I came with immediately started telling the others not to bet because I’d do it. That only brought more money into the game. People were gathering around me, whispering and laughing. Others realized something was brewing, but they didn’t know what.

With a fair amount of money on the table and the opportunity to reclaim power, I had to do it. I rose to my feet and sauntered over with full on sass. Eager laughter and anticipation rose behind me. I sat on his free knee, wound my arm around his shoulders and said, “Hi baby.” Groans from those who thought I wouldn’t do it and celebrating from those who knew I would erupted. I watched everyone exchange money with a grin of satisfaction.

I bent to his ear and whispered, “I don’t share.” With that, I got to my feet, walked behind him, motioned to my friend to get my money and meet me at the car. According to those there, when he realized I was leaving, he told the girl to get up. She said no. He told her a few more times, and she continued to refuse. She finally got up when he basically told her to get up or he’d remove her.

I was almost to my car when he called my name. Turned, it surprised me to find him running after me. But the damage was done. I was leaving.

To others, it may have looked like a switch flipped in me. They were not privy to what transpired between us in private. They didn’t know the damage inflicted by his pushing me away with one hand and pulling me to him with the other. They knew nothing about the demons I fought and his desire to resurrect them.

I’ve heard multiple people tell similar campfire stories. It’s strange to think a laid back event turns to a catalyst for abuse. That’s why judging a person by a single behavior is never a good idea. You need a baseline of the person. Abuse doesn’t discriminate. It stretches across gender, financial status, married, and unmarried. The National Statistics for Domestic Violence indicates 20 people per minute are abused by an intimate partner. You don’t know if the behavior you are witnessing is a direct response to ongoing abuse. Before you judge, consider you’re witnessing a plea for help. Respond to that. And for goodness’ sake, people with shaky relationships should avoid campfires.

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Dan Wooten Attacks Victims of Domestic Violence

The Johnny Depp lawsuit against Amber Heard should be important to every decent human. Domestic violence is a nasty disease that is only eradicated by spotlighting it. For far too long, the world labored under the misconception that only women are victims. Yet, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence states 1 in 9 men experience severe physical abuse.

With numbers like that, you’d think people like Dan Wooten would want to bring positive attention and reflection. Unfortunately, Mr. Wooten felt a personal attack on Johnny Depp, coupled with an elevation of himself, was more valuable than bringing awareness. For someone who vowed to not talk about Johnny Depp, Mr. Wooten sure has a hard time shutting up about him.

Mr. Wooten’s self-serving opinion neglects every major point in the case. But of all the things Mr. Wooten said, the most outrageous is calling Johnny Depp “a pathetic excuse of a man.” The venom in his woefully ignorant words is why male victims of domestic violence don’t come forward.

Mr. Wooten’s attempt to emasculate Johnny Depp reflects only his poor example of manhood, not Johnny’s. Attacking male victims feeds the violence. In her own voice we heard Amber Heard taunting Johnny, telling him no one will believe he is a victim of domestic violence. She and Mr. Wooten must share the same playbook. Like the worst bullies on the block they wield shame as a sword. She says a real man would engage in physical altercations not leave the violence as Johnny does. These degrading attacks on the masculinity of an abused man are why so many suffer in silence until the relationship concludes in deadly violence.

In 2016, a woman murdered her two teenage daughters to get back at her husband. In 2012, Shayna Hubers bragged about giving her boyfriend a nose job when she shot him in the face. Jodi Arias stabbed her boyfriend 27 times in a jealous sex fueled rage. Each of these men were victims of chronic verbal and physical abuse. That’s only three of the 155,000 cases reports in America.

There is no room for Mr. Wooten’s male ego, misguided sense of justice, self-promotion, or infatuation with Amber Heard. His attention seeking behavior of inserting himself into this litigation is startling. The case doesn’t involve him or the UK. The case stems from Miss Heard’s op ed in the Washington Post. Obviously, he knows nothing about the overwhelming evidence that Amber Heard, at best, is a sensational liar with untreated mental health issues that manifest in bursts of violence.

Instead of playing as a victim of Johnny Depp, perhaps Mr. Wooten should focus on male victims of domestic violence. There are 174,733 in the UK. He should start there.

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Disney In Chaos

It was surreal to watch Prince Harry pitch voice over work for Meghan to then Disney CEO Bob Iger. Meghan got her voice over in the infamous Elephant documentary. Regardless of how interesting the documentary was and how fast her PR team spun it, Meghan Markle can’t even read with flourish. It was amusing to see the end of Iger’s CEO position (his choice or no) come on the heels of Elephant.

What makes the story even more tantalizing is that “super feminist” Meghan wanted to meet and work with Iger. At the time Harry pitched his wife’s alleged skills, Iger, his predecessor Michael Eisner, and Walt Disney Company were under a lawsuit. Actress Paz de la Huerta alleged the CEO’s and the Disney company created an environment enabling prolific rapist Harvey Weinstein.

The lawsuit didn’t curb the disturbing actions of Disney and its employees. In March Florida, detectives conducted a sting operation targeting child sexual predators and prostitution. Disney employees were among the 108 arrested. From a hotel lifeguard through Tomorrowland to IT workers, the self-proclaimed Happiest Place on Earth became the creepiest place on earth.

Ten days after the arrests, Florida enacted the “Parental Rights in Education” bill. Though dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that’s not what it is. The “Parental Rights In Education” bill makes it illegal for children kindergarten to third grade to be exposed to sex education. It doesn’t target just homosexuality as the media would have you believe. It includes sexual content of any nature. That fact eludes those claiming the bill is an attack on LGBTQ.

Current Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, said Disney “unequivocally” stands with LGBTQ. That’s interesting considering Disney cruises go to multiple countries who’ve outlawed homosexuality and often impose the death penalty if caught. Shouldn’t Chapek end those cruise destinations in support of LGBTQ?

Chapek, laboring under the misconception Disney was untouchable, and pressured by the minority, came out swinging against the bill. Despite their lineage of alleged sexual misconduct, Chapek vowed to take on Florida politics in general and Governor Ron DeSantis in particular. It was a classic cut off your nose to spite your face move.

Until yesterday, Disney operated under unique circumstances. The state of Florida gave them tax breaks and special self-governing allowances. Knowing this, Chapek continued his war of words against DeSantis. By the time he figured out it would be wise to shut up and stay out of politics, it was too late. The Florida legislature stripped Disney’s special privileges.

Amidst the drama, subscribers to Disney Plus streaming service canceled. Stock in Disney plunged 33% and a high number of vacationers cancelled. All of this plays out as Johnny Depp battles for his reputation in a defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. When Depp was accused of domestic violence, Disney dropped him. A move that was premature and a violation of the American mantra, “innocent until proven guilty.” Revelations now paint heard as the violent one. Once again, Disney responded without facts. That seems to be their anthem. If Depp wins the current suit, it will be interesting to see if he goes after Disney next. After all, they cost him wages on a false accusation. That won’t go over well legally.

Walt Disney created Disney to cater to families, not political ideologies. It is a swipe at his legacy to throw his masterpiece in a raging political storm. As summer approaches, it’s vital Disney return to its roots to win back the canceled vacations. They should replace Chapek with an anti-political CEO with fierce leadership skills. Will they do it? Who can free Disney from the mousetrap they caught themselves in?

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Will, Jada & Authentic Marriage

Lurking below that slap heard around the world is a more sinister operandi. In the months leading up to the Oscars, Jada launched an attack on Will Smith. She humiliated him by justifying her affairs publicly. By his admission, it is Jada who wanted their marriage open. He agreed just so he could keep a wife who says he can’t satisfy her.

A pair of videos, one on each of their Instagram accounts, are the prelude to the attack on Chris Rock. Less than a week before the Oscars, Jada posted several videos on Instagram about fashion. In one of those videos she says, “I don’t give two craps what people say about this bald head of mine because I love it.” The day of the Oscars, Will posted a video on his Instagram. That video shows them in their Oscar clothing. It’s overlaid with a voice saying, “Good morning, everyone. God has let me live another day and I’m about to make it everyone’s problem.” Pictures pop up of the couple with multiple expressions on their faces.

Without their attempt to humiliate Chris Rock, these videos appear innocent and unconnected. After the fact, they draw questions. One absolute is Jada lied. She either lied when she said she didn’t give “two craps” about what people say, or she lied when she set Will off with only a look. Will’s “everybody’s problem” video is coincidental on his part. I can’t say the same for Jada. It’s possible it was her idea as she continued her emotional assault on her husband.

In the months leading up to the Oscars, Jada humiliated Will at every opportunity. Who can forget his expression as he sat before millions on social media listening to his wife divulge her affair? Or the video in which he asked her not to video him without telling him first. She called that foolishness. He explained, “social media is my bread and butter.” Yet, she continued videoing and posted it despite his obvious displeasure.

Jada’s behavior is indicative of narcissism, emotional abuse, and control issues. Marriage is a union of two, not a dictatorship of one. Yes, marriages struggle and it’s okay if both parties are willing to discuss the issues publicly. But putting your husband on full display, blindsiding him, and systematically breaking him down on what he termed his “bread and butter” is cruel. From her behavior, we can deduce that Jada Pinkett Smith herself is cruel.

A man can only tolerate being torn down for so long before he snaps. Jada chipped away at Will for months. She beat him down emotionally, emasculated, and humiliated him publicly. Will needed to prove he was a man. So despite his first laughing at a harmless joke, he strolled to the stage like it was the OK corral to “defend” his wife and reclaim his manhood. What he actually did was ruin his career.

We are all ultimately responsible for our own actions. But sometimes we need help to see how toxic a spouse is. There is something inside a person that makes them vulnerable to abusive partners. We must ferret that out, examine it, and conclude a set of actions to break the cycle. When we do that, we set ourselves free to enjoy an honest, loving, supporting marriage the way God intended.

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Will Smith’s Shameless Attack On Advocacy

Rocked by scandals, mocked for wokeness, overrun with hypocrisy, and desperate to resurrect viewers, Hollywood needed the Academy Awards to score big. Oscar was limping along in a stale state but better than expected. Then Will Smith channeled his inner Kanye West.

Of all the TMI moments Will and Jada Smith inundated us with over the last few years, the only good one was Jada’s struggles with alopecia. Jada stated she wants to use her platform to bring awareness to the condition. Admirable. Except she didn’t do it. Then Will hit the nuclear button peppering her advocacy claims with the effectiveness of hollow point bullets.

Demi Moore was an epic GI Jane, is an iconic actress, and has her own advocacy platform. There is no insult in being classified with her. Chris Rock’s joke wasn’t insulting either. Will laughed until he saw his wife’s face. She obviously was far too sensitive and overreacted.

Jada should’ve stood up flexed her muscles, made a powerful pose, done anything indicative of GI Jane strength and courage when Chris made the joke. Think of the inspiring message. Alopecia makes you GI Jane strong! She then could’ve had Chris on her Red Table Talk to discuss it. Better yet, GI Jane 2 with Jada in the lead role and a class of recruits with alopecia. What could’ve been a female empowering message devolved into violence as the answer.

It’s shameful Jada couldn’t get past her thin-skinned self long enough to encourage others from a world stage. Will strolling up to that stage and shouting profanities from his seat only confirmed how shameless he is at his core. All this they did in front of their kids. Their son, Jaden, tweeted, “And That’s How We Do It.” Congrats Will and Jada. You just told your kids to result to violence regardless of how benign a joke is. If they do, and God forbid get seriously injured, killed or do the same to someone else, you will question the actions you demonstrated for them in this moment.

If the Academy Awards hopes to salvage anything good from that dumpster fire, they should strip Will of his Oscar. No action on their part is silence acceptance of audience members punching comedians when they don’t like the joke. And that is something that should concern every comedian.

My words come to you from experience. Jokes are made about my hearing disability all the time. Doesn’t bother me a bit. One of my son’s stutters and two others have special needs. I advocate for education and the disabled. I’m a gold medalist in dealing with stupid comments, rude stares, and cruel jokes. The Smith family endured none of that last night.

Advocating means putting yourself out into a world of keyboard warriors who get their kicks being abusive and cruel. If you can’t take it for the team don’t advocate. Leave it to someone with thicker skin, a quicker wit, and less bent toward violence.