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Colour Me British Review

I have the cure for lockdown low, pandemic pressure, Covid chaos or whatever other ails 2020 inflicted upon you.  Coloring.  Yep, you heard me.  Coloring.  Sharpen those colored pencils and color yourself happy.

Colour Me British not only provides all the benefits of coloring, but educates as well.  Kylie Emma Robertson’s beautiful original hand-drawn artwork fills Colour Me British.  From food to iconic landmarks you’ll find it all in Colour Me British.  It’s a great way to keep kids entertained and learning. Those with special needs or mental health issues receive double the benefits.

Coloring impacts the part of the brain responsible for emotions.  Coloring eases fear, calms anxiety, and releases tension.  It also improves focus, sleep, and hand eye coordination.


The book is a great therapeutic tool for speech and occupational therapists.  Patients practice expressive language and communication skills when they color the teapot and verbalize their idea of tea with the Queen.  Pages featuring food are useful in helping patients learning to chew.  They can color the foods before sampling them.

Occupational therapists can use the book to improve fine motor skills and visual tracking.  Pages filled with multiple images are perfect for teaching the valuable skill of learning and creating patterns.  To increase sensory perception color while on a therapy ball, platform swing, or in an upside down position. 

Whether you’re a therapist seeking a unique avenue to reach patients or a parent looking to stuff a stocking, Colour Me British is a great buy.  It’s the perfect gift for kids of all abilities and adults seeking to unwind in this crazy lockdown world.  You may not be able to have peace on earth, but coloring in Colour Me British can give you inner peace.

Use the link below to purchase your copy of Colour Me British and get started coloring yourself happy.

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Battle of Brothers: William & Harry Review

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BJ’s Restuarant & Brewhouse Review

This was my second visit to BJ’s. I found the staff to be as pleasant and knowledgeable as I remembered. I wanted to order the parmesan-crusted chicken again but forced myself to step out of my realm.

Wednesdays are burger days at BJ’s. You get the burger of your choice for $10 and unlimited fries. You can also get any BJ Brew for $4. I decided to take advantage of both offers. Not having tried any of their beers I asked the waitress her opinion. She suggested the amber brew. She proclaimed it the best beer on the planet. While I can’t speak for all the beers on the planet, I can say it was smooth, fantastic and the best amber draft I’ve ever had.

Feeling adventurous, I ordered the new appetizer of honey sriracha brussels sprouts for $5.95. I confess to liking brussels sprouts but this dish may win over those who don’t really care for them. They are tossed in “Big Poppa Smokers’ Desert Gold seasoning,” fried and then drizzled with “sweet sriracha Crema.” They were very good. I preferred more crema, but that is a personal choice, not a chef oversight.


I ordered the Portobello Swiss Burger. On every day except Wednesday, it sells for $12.95. Containing basil pesto, arugula, tomato, caramelized onions, roasted garlic aioli, balsamic vinaigrette, swiss cheese and topped with a portobello mushroom, the burger is massive. I had to cut it into manageable pieces and could only eat half of it.

I confess I was a little worried about basil pesto and balsamic vinaigrette on my burger. It seemed an odd pairing. Turns out my concerns were unwarranted. The only thing bigger than the burger’s size is its flavor. There is not an overwhelming flavor of one ingredient. Instead, it is an orchestra of flavors working together to provide a delectable treat to the taste buds. I brought home the half I couldn’t eat at the restaurant, reheated it the next day and the flavor still popped.


If you haven’t tried BJ’s I highly recommend it. Their large diverse menu means there is something for everyone.  The staff is friendly and attentive. The food came hot with minimal wait. BJ’s is located at 3297 Nicholasville Road, (in front of Fayette Mall) Lexington, KY 40503. To order online for the Lexington location Click here. All other locations click here.

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Magnetic Shoe Closure Review

You know those ads on Facebook? Well, I finally ordered something from one. Different Not Less was advertising magnetic shoe closures. The goal is to give disabled kids more freedom. The claim is that children with fine motor difficulties who can’t tie their shoes will be able to put their shoes on independently with these magnets. Additionally, it’s claimed an end to loose laces. The magnets come in an array of colors and are currently marked down from $19.24 to $10.95 without shipping and handling. All said and done I spent about $15. But did they work?

The first thing I didn’t like was that it took 2-3 weeks to get them in. However, I am an Amazon Prime member. So, I could just be spoiled by their two day promise. None-the-less, the magnets arrived right at two weeks, which isn’t too bad.  A great positive note here is that when I emailed them about the shipping their response was immediate and courteous. I love a company that answers their emails daily!

The instructions were easy to read and the magnets went on quick and easy. They are super strong and held the shoes together. My son wasn’t able to use his feet to separate the magnets because he wears braces. Our intent was to teach him how to pull them apart with his hands.  We never got the opportunity.

FullSizeRender (4)The problem came when the little eyelets that go on the side disappeared from one shoe. If you notice in the picture only the shoe on the right has the black eyelet. There should be an eyelet on each side of the shoe. Since we were running around a lot the day the eyelets went missing we have no idea how it happened. We don’t know if they came off on their own or if DJ, who likes to mess with his shoes, pulled them off. Whatever happened to them the magnets are useless without them. The shoe falls off because the magnets keep popping open. The other shoe, with the eyelets, still works fine.

It’s a great idea and I can’t place our failure solely on the heads of Different Not Less. As I said, DJ could have easily pulled them off. But my situation is that we had them working blissfully for a day but currently only one shoe stays closed and on. Would I suggest someone buy them? Possibly.

The bottom line? Although the item pretty much performs as described, If your child messes with his shoelaces I would not recommend it. But for children who don’t grab at their shoes it’s worth a try at the price it’s offered. The company, Different Not Less, is easy to work with, responds quickly to emails, and describes their product accurately. With all that us parents have going on that is the kind of company we like to deal with.

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Clifty Falls Inn Review

IMG_1028Clifty Falls is an Indiana State Park located in Madison, IN. On the grounds of the park are numerous hiking trails, outdoor activities, the Inn, and the restaurant. For the purpose of this review, I will only be looking at the Inn. My husband and I stayed at the Inn twice in two separate areas.

The Inn is running a special for the entire month of March. You can book any room for $69IMG_1391 a night. Taking advantage of the special we opted to stay in the generally more expensive executive suite. The suite consists of three rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a single bedroom with a king size bed and a jacuzzi. The main living area is spacious and large. And I found the bed to be extremely comfortable.

As much as I love Clifty Falls there were some negatives that should be mentioned. The carpet in the room was worn and in dire need of replacement. That isn’t too surprising considering the suite was in the older part of the building. However, a fresh coat of paint and new carpet would have made a world of difference. The jacuzzi worked perfectly. The shower was another matter. With six shower heads, it appeared as though there was not enough water pressure to maintain all six so only three or four worked at once. Though the suite wasn’t entirely unpleasant, I wouldn’t pay full price to stay in it without upgrades. For the $69 it wasn’t a terrible deal.

IMG_1166The  Riverview rooms are newer and quite different.  We stayed in a double queen Riverview room on our return trip and found them to be most pleasant. With stacks of pillows and a comfy bed, a good night’s rest was sure to be had.  The view is amazing from any room but I am particularly fond of the rooms on the first floor as they offer a walk-out patio.IMG_1167

With an indoor pool that is handicap accessible, plenty of walking trails, several festivals taking place in Madison, and friendly attentive staff Clifty Falls is a great family get away. It remains one of our favorite escapes.  For more information on Clifty Falls click here