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BJ’s Restuarant & Brewhouse Review

This was my second visit to BJ’s. I found the staff to be as pleasant and knowledgeable as I remembered. I wanted to order the parmesan-crusted chicken again but forced myself to step out of my realm.

Wednesdays are burger days at BJ’s. You get the burger of your choice for $10 and unlimited fries. You can also get any BJ Brew for $4. I decided to take advantage of both offers. Not having tried any of their beers I asked the waitress her opinion. She suggested the amber brew. She proclaimed it the best beer on the planet. While I can’t speak for all the beers on the planet, I can say it was smooth, fantastic and the best amber draft I’ve ever had.

Feeling adventurous, I ordered the new appetizer of honey sriracha brussels sprouts for $5.95. I confess to liking brussels sprouts but this dish may win over those who don’t really care for them. They are tossed in “Big Poppa Smokers’ Desert Gold seasoning,” fried and then drizzled with “sweet sriracha Crema.” They were very good. I preferred more crema, but that is a personal choice, not a chef oversight.


I ordered the Portobello Swiss Burger. On every day except Wednesday, it sells for $12.95. Containing basil pesto, arugula, tomato, caramelized onions, roasted garlic aioli, balsamic vinaigrette, swiss cheese and topped with a portobello mushroom, the burger is massive. I had to cut it into manageable pieces and could only eat half of it.

I confess I was a little worried about basil pesto and balsamic vinaigrette on my burger. It seemed an odd pairing. Turns out my concerns were unwarranted. The only thing bigger than the burger’s size is its flavor. There is not an overwhelming flavor of one ingredient. Instead, it is an orchestra of flavors working together to provide a delectable treat to the taste buds. I brought home the half I couldn’t eat at the restaurant, reheated it the next day and the flavor still popped.


If you haven’t tried BJ’s I highly recommend it. Their large diverse menu means there is something for everyone.  The staff is friendly and attentive. The food came hot with minimal wait. BJ’s is located at 3297 Nicholasville Road, (in front of Fayette Mall) Lexington, KY 40503. To order online for the Lexington location Click here. All other locations click here.