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Falling For A Scam When You Know Better

I swear somedays my brain tumbles right out of my head. For reasons I have yet to understand I gave financial information to scammers. I know better! Why in the world I fell for it is beyond me. It’s embarrassing and incredibly stupid. Making things worse is Steve is out of town. He handles all our finances. I don’t even bother myself to know the login information. Also stupid. stupid

Steve runs nonstop when he’s working. No time for breaks and definitely no for my crazy. I tried some logins but none worked. I had more attempt before I was shut out of the account. Fearing they’d ask questions I couldn’t answer and shut me out I didn’t call.  No choice. I had to call Steve and inform him he married an ignoramoose.

Of course, he couldn’t get to the phone right away. All I could do was wait and pray we weren’t already wiped out. Aflac pays employees as they work so multiple deposits go in the entire time he’s there. All I could think was he’s working his butt off for money I put in jeopardy. When I did talk to him I burst into tears. Never felt so stupid, regretful and anger at myself in all my life.

To rescue as much money as possible I headed to the nearest ATM. The window wouldn’t roll down. In the cold rain, I stood making multiple attempts to withdraw money all while in my PJ’s! I didn’t bother to change because I didn’t plan on getting out of the car.  Upside? I wasn’t wearing a sexy nightie. nightie

First three attempts stopped before I got the button to accept the ATM fee. I did the fourth time so I thought I got it. Wrong! No money and it stopped telling me the “amount exceeds daily limit,” After a frantic search to make sure I wasn’t overlooking where the money comes out I took off to another ATM.

Armed with cash and login information, I was ready to shut this mess down. Since the site didn’t recognize my computer I had to get a code. Slight problem. The code can only be sent to Steve’s phone or email. Do I know his email password? Nope! Another shining example of my intelligence or lack thereof. By the time he got the code to me, it had expired. I had to start the whole process all over.

If you think reporting fraud would be right there on their website, easy to see you would be wrong. I searched and searched. I gave up and called. After going through a blue million menus I finally get a real person.  She was foreign. I could barely understand her English. The combination of her poor English and my hearing loss resulted in a long conversation.

To say we were lost in translation would be a vast understatement. I thought she was telling me I had to wait 10 days before they would do anything. I flipped out. I started yelling at her through my tears that they were going to take all our money.  A good 45 minutes later we understood each other. communication

Enveloped in stress, I was grateful my inlaws wanted DJ to spend the night with them. But my brain still wasn’t working as I forgot to send his medicine. They had to come back. I despise others having to do something to fix my stupid. Just having a banner day, aren’t I? What’s my point? I don’t know. Maybe to tell people Ellen DeGeneres is not handing out money? Or don’t be stupid like me? Or perhaps just to release some frustration. I’m calling off the rest of the day and binge watch murder and mayhem on Investigation Discovery just to remind myself no matter how bad my day is someone else is having a worse one.