The Madison Series

The Madison Series follows the love, friendship and lives of five very diverse female friends living in Madison, Indiana.  Lisbeth and Verity are sisters born in Portugal but have been living in the United States since early childhood.

Stained Glass Windows is the first book and is Lisbeth’s story.  Lisbeth lost her husband to a drunk driver on the same day her daughter was born.  Having been raised with a Christian faith Lisbeth abandons it in the face of her anguish.  That is until Cole Carter arrives in Madison.  Preacher Cole has secrets that must be revealed if he has any hope of winning Lisbeth.  But will the secrets tear them apart?

Verity and her husband Blake are happily married.  Together they decide to forgo having children of their own and instead adopt children with special needs.  The two feel fulfilled in their faith and lives until dual tragedies strike the Harmon household leaving lives  hanging by a rapidly fraying rope.

Ashton is the girl from the other side of the tracks.  Not fortunate enough to have been born into a family of wealth, Ashton had to skip college and enter the workforce immediately after high school graduation.  Resolving to rise above her poor upbringing, Ashton quickly climbs the corporate ladder.  She is quite satisfied with her life until wealthy Cruise Sedonna threatens it all.

Quirky Piper Pennington is committed to two things in her life; her friends and remaining a free-spirit.  Piper’s escapades will leave you laughing as you root for her to find stability but also leave your cheeks damp as you realize her hidden vulnerabilities.  Piper’s story reveals that there is more to her than meets the eye.  Is it possible for lovable, unpredictable Piper to find the means to bring constant to her ever-changing world?

Remi Cohen is a stunningly beautiful, brutally honest, proud Israeli woman who relishes her time spent in the Israeli Defense Forces.  Though Remi wanted to re-enlist in the IDF in order to fight in the war her father had other ideas.  To keep his only daughter safe and off the front-lines he shipped her off to attend college in America.  After meeting Lisbeth, Verity, Ashton and Piper Remi finds it impossible to return to Isreal, which is perfectly acceptable with her father.  Remi has no time for men until she realizes her father has planned an arranged marriage without her knowledge.

Following the lives of these five fascinating females will leave you laughing, crying, cheering but above all never looking at small town life the same.