Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows is the first novel in the five-book Madison Series.

Lisbeth Thompson gave birth to her only child the same day her husband died at the hands of a drunk driver. Devastated, Lisbeth deviates from everything she built her life on. As a police officer she is committed to getting maximum prison time for all drunk drivers.

Cole Carter is a Bible-toting ex-con on a mission to save the world. Fresh out of prison from a drunk driving manslaughter charge he lands in Madison. He’s ready for a new start for the new man he is. But fiesty Lisbeth has him longing to be the man he once was. He finds himself wanting to be her lover rather than her preacher.

Stained Glass Windows is more than a love story.  It’s a story about forgiveness, redemption, friendship, grace, and second chances.